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Well-being Massage

During your stay at the villa, take  time for a break to offer you a moment of rest and relaxation.

Upon prior reservation, Fabienne graduated in foot reflexology and seated amma,

will provide you a moment of well-being either through a massage on an ergonomic chair or through foot reflexology.

Laura can provide you an intuitive relaxation massage with natural oils.

PRICE Relaxation Massage

60 minutes :        80 €

Massage Assis Amma

Chair massage is a method of rest and relaxation, practiced on  an ergonomic chair designed for this type of massage. Its principle is simple, relieve by touch. The seated massage aims to reduce stress, improve the circulation of energies and harmonize them. It acts both physically and mentally,  to help to soothe. the patient remains dressed, the therapist makes touches and pressures on the whole body.

PRICE Amma Seated Massage

30 minutes :                        30 €


Foot reflexology

Foot reflexology is an energy therapy based on the principle that there are reflex zones on the arch of the foot corresponding to all the glands, all the organs and all the parts of the body. By massaging the feet, the reflexology helps the body to regain balance and harmony. This improves the flow of vital energy and helps us to take root. The benefits of reflexology are multiple: it releases stress, tension and toxins, provides deep physical and mental relaxation, promotes emotional balance and strengthens the immune system. It also improves blood circulation, stimulates the mechanisms of self-healing of the body and preventively maintains health, regardless of age.

PRICE Massage Foot reflexology

30 minutes:                         30€

60 minutes:                         60€


These treatments are techniques of relaxation without therapeutic or erotic purpose.

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